Renaming the vSphere SSO Database

Renaming the vSphere SSO database is simpler than you’d think.

The other day while working with a customer, we needed to rename the vSphere 5.1 Single Sign On database to ensure it aligned to naming conventions. As I’d never had to do this before, I read up on a few different KB articles: 204552820335162045528

Based on the information presented I did the following:

  • Backed up the SSO configuration using the “Generate vCenter Single Sign-On backup bundle” link in the Start -> Programs menu from the SSO server.
  • Performed a backup of the original SSO DB within the SQL Management Studio from the DB VM.
  • Finally, I took a snapshot of both the DB and SSO VMs as a safeguard.

Once the fallback plan was in place, I stopping the “vCenter Single Sign On” service on the SSO VM, then renamed the RSA database on the DB server to the conforming name.

Then I thought it was a matter of using the following command on the SSO VM:

ssocli configure-riat -a configure-db –database-host new_database_server –database-port new_database_port -m master_password

However, you may notice with the SSOCLI utility while there’s a Host, Port, Instance, Username and Password option… there is NOT a database name option. (I mistook the “instance” option allowing me to do what I needed at first). This perplexed me at first, how do I reconfigure SSO to point to a renamed database? After a little digging I worked out that the database name is configured not through the SSOCLI utility, but through a configuration file:

It’s as simple as changing the following line:


And that’s it! Restart the SSO service on your SSO VM and then fire up the vSphere Web Client. Also, thanks to Gabe for pointing me in the right direction for the config file.